About us

Kudos QA Ltd was formed in 2019 by Andy Robson, Naomi Turner, and Chris Burrows. With decades of experience in QA Services across the globe and the strong backing of four investors, our team provides comprehensive Quality Assurance, Compliance Testing (all major platform holders), Compatibility Testing on Mobile and PC, QA consultancy, Games consultancy and staff placement for the digital entertainment sector.

We pride ourselves on utilising the most efficient and effective testing techniques to ensure all products released to market are balanced, bug-free, polished and fun, creating the most compelling experiences for the target audience. Integral to our approach for clients is the flexibility, scalability, security, trust, and the high-end quality in services for all your QA needs.

At Kudos QA, passion, communication and personality are key. Whilst we adopt a carefully planned and structured approach to our testing, the culture at Kudos QA gives all testers the freedom to do their best, providing our clients with the best in QA!

Our Quality

At Kudos QA we have a large team of highly experienced test leads and testers with years of experience in QA. For us to ensure that this quality is maintained to the highest standard for all our testers we take onboard, we implement a very tight recruitment process.

Each applicant has an initial phone call with our recruitment specialist. If they meet our requirements at Kudos QA, the applicant is offered the opportunity to undergo a practical test which is monitored by our recruitment specialist.

Once their practical test has been completed, all potential issues within the playtest are reviewed by our QA Manager and several team leads. If successful, the applicant will then be enrolled in our three-day intensive screening and training programme where they are further assessed. Should they meet our standards over the 3 days, they then become part of our Kudos QA family.

We take the quality of our team very seriously. Alongside the constant internal upskilling and training, which is also supported by our own internal Wiki ‘The Knowledge’, our recruitment and training process enables us to take on only the best testers, providing you with the most up to date, exceptional service there is out there.

Our Ethos: Work hard, play hard. Treat people as you would wish to be treated.


Through our decades of expertise in QA, coupled with our unique intensive training course, we engrain every part of our experience, determination, heart and soul into testing your products. Our own internal Kudos QA Wiki, ‘The Knowledge’, ensures constant accessibility to the most up to date technical information required by our testers every day.


For you, we do QA the best way, it’s a part of our Kudos QA DNA.

We provide you with an unrivalled service throughout your product's journey with us. You can relax and be assured of this by our highly trained and experienced Test Teams, flexible testing solutions, and the highest level of communication throughout the entire process we offer you.


We nurture and foster an inclusive community, offering people from all walks of life and those with lifelong disabilities the opportunity to express their talent and skills. At Kudos QA our strength is our people. we are all passionate, fun, friendly, hardworking individuals who are determined to make a difference in QA services across the globe.


This is the heart of Kudos QA. Located in an old mining town with high youth unemployment and limited job opportunities for young people, regardless of academic achievements, backgrounds or lifelong disabilities, our mission together with each of our clients is to make it possible for extremely talented individuals to excel in an industry they’re passionate about.


The way we recruit, onboard, train and nurture our team of talented testers means that we can do everything for our clients exceptionally well so, our skill shines through in everything we do.

At Kudos QA we’re committed to making sure our employees gain both personal and professional growth on their journey with us, through the constant day to day up-skilling, additional training programmes we implement regularly, masterclasses and professional development plans (PDP’s), this will give you the confidence you need in our high-quality service we offer when testing your products.


There is no comparison to any other standard of service in QA, we are the ‘Q’ in QA.

At Kudos QA we are always adapting to the rhythms and changes of the industry. We not only utilise the latest tools and processes, but we are experienced in working with our clients where necessary to create new QA processes to deliver an exceptional service.


We guarantee you a professional but personal service tailored precisely to your needs.
We find bugs,
We report bugs,
We regress bugs,
We love bugs.

Our motto: “A bug is not forever.”